Our Why We Love Ivybrook

Each day I am motivated to make Ivybrook Academy an incredible place for our students, our educators, and for our school owners. My passion and drive is rooted in the knowledge that Ivybrook Academy is providing an environment where everyone involved is excited about the amazing opportunities that await them each and every day. It is a very rewarding feeling walking along side each school owner in a partnership, as well as empowering them with the skills necessary to continue to create this same opportunity for children across our country.

– Drew McWilliams, President

Holding true to my belief in the importance of a multidimensional approach to early childhood education, I have made Ivybrook Academy my life’s work. As a mother of two Ivybrook graduates, I have had the privilege of witnessing the Ivybrook experience through the eyes of my children. It has deepened my conviction and belief in the quality education and supportive community that Ivybrook provides.

-Jennifer McWilliams, Founder/ COO

I have always valued Ivybrook’s commitment to always putting our families first.  Since starting with the company, my husband and I have brought our two little boys into the world which has allowed me to see firsthand the necessity importance of quality early childhood education.  At work each day I am able to live out my passion, working alongside educators and administrators, while also having the ability to be there for my family.

-Katherine Bell, Executive Director of Curriculum

Without even trying children come into our lives and teach us about creativity, kindness, humility, and compassion. I am lucky enough to see this every day at Ivybrook Academy, and this undoubtedly is what fuels my passion for early childhood education. I hold the role we play in young student’s lives with the highest regard and consider it my greatest privilege!

-Daniela Farenga, Executive Director of Operations

I enjoy working with Ivybrook Academy as we help children with their early childhood education and socialization, which is something I deeply believe in. Through the enrollment of my only child at Ivybrook, I am able to see the Ivybrook difference and why our proven model is successful in benefitting children throughout the United States. Our schools offer franchise owners great opportunities while also providing a wonderful quality of life, a rewarding ownership model, and almost a third of the year off to spend time with family.

-Jason Barclay, Director of Development